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As of 2022.08.30

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🖊 Test Vue 3 Typescript app in one Jest

Tech stack: Vue 3, Typescript, Unit Tests (Jest)

Setting up Unit Tests with Jest in a Vue 3 app is not easy so far… Well, I achieved to make it work after hours of suffering. It will cover Typescript support, import.meta.env usage, Vue teleport feature, vue-i18n, vue-router, mocking services, code coverage, …

⏳ Improve your Tests Layer in CI with GitLab

Tech stack: GitLab, Javascript

GitLab provides lots of plugin to enhance app testability and ensure robustness. In this article, we’ll see these capabilities and how to implement them.

⏳ Client-side Encryption Made Easy

Tech stack: Typescript, Vue 3

Upload encrypted file to AWS s3

⏳ Anchor Links bar in Vue 3

Tech stack: Vue 3, Typescript

Creating a nice bar with “shortcut” links seems easy, but when dealing with dynamic content and smooth scrolling it could become a nightmare. Here, I will share how I came up with to create an Anchor Links bar with smooth scrolling, dynamic rendering and pin-to-top feature.



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Adrien Miquel

Adrien Miquel

Senior Frontend Engineer performing with Vue, TS/JS, GitLab | Writing articles monthly on this stack