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Adrien Miquel
1 min readApr 27, 2022
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⏳ May 2023 — Test Vue 3 Typescript app in one Jest

Tech stack: Vue 3, Typescript, Unit Tests (Jest)

Setting up Unit Tests with Jest in a Vue 3 app is not easy so far… Well, I achieved to make it work after hours of suffering. It will cover Typescript support, import.meta.env usage, Vue teleport feature, vue-i18n, vue-router, mocking services, code coverage, …

June 2023 — All you need to know about images in browser

Tech stack: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, browsers

It’s always a pain to understand the various image formats, their advantages… How to optimise their rendering? How to make them responsive to the content of the page?

There are plenty of questions around images and how to display them in browser. This article will demystify this topic and show some common behaviour and effects (like lazy loading, parallax and much more)



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