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  • Adrien Miquel

    Adrien Miquel

    Passionate about Scandinavia and Viking mythology, I write short and inspiring stories.



    HR enthusiast. VP of People @Luko

  • Jean-Noël Evo

    Jean-Noël Evo

    Front-End Developer based in Paris. I work with VueJS and Typescript.

  • André Braga

    André Braga

    Senior Web Developer and Angular enthusiast.

  • Wes


    Software Engineer, Writer and Speaker

  • Netanel Basal

    Netanel Basal

    I'm a Frontend Tech Lead at Lumigo, blogger, open source maintainer, creator of Akita and Spectator, Husband, and Father.

  • Alina Kennedy

    Alina Kennedy

    Physiotherapist. Runner. Strength & Conditioning Specialist. See more of my work @ https://sprintrehab.com/

  • Dr. Stephanie Estima

    Dr. Stephanie Estima

    Podcast Host: Better! With Dr. Stephanie www.drstephanieestima.com & http://www.bettershow.co

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