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It’s no surprise that being developer is a matter of endless skill updates.We need to be as up to date as possible. The more we know, the more we stack experiences that’ll help us face our next issues. However, the resource we lack the most to be the best developer ever is almost always the same: time.

Well, in this article, I want to give you some tips and materials to update your knowledge in a small amount of time.

Allocating time to keep your skills up to date isn’t easy. That’s why it’s necessary to start with a small…

Connecting people and knowledge

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This won’t be a technical article this time. It won’t deal with good practices, cultivating a professional mindset, or pointing out tricky aspects of our web developer daily life. Here, I will talk about hackathons.

For less experienced readers, a hackathon is an event in which several teams are made up to tackle a technical challenge. They face each other, and the first crew to achieve the goal and pass several tests or requisites wins. Formerly, the goal was to hack a system and therefore discover a potential breach. …

Improve image loading in Angular, React, or Vue.js apps with 3 lines of code


Displaying HEIF/HEIC images in Browser

Well, well, well…, as you may have guessed by reading by this title, the HEIC and HEIF files are not supported by the img markup in HTML5.


The most common occasion you will encounter these extensions is Burst Photos or any other Apple image features, generating .heic or .mov files. However, it’s not strictly related to Apple devices.

In my current project, we had to display images stored in a AWS s3 bucket, uploaded by our users. However, HEIC uploaded images were not compatible with our web interface (developed in Vue.js). …


Reinforce your tracking plan with the percolation method

When developing a digital app (web or mobile), tracking your audience helps to understand the various use cases of your prospects/users.

However, it’s too often under-estimated and needs lots of corrections: lack of data, non-relevant pieces of information, …

This article is about tracking your users of course but it also introduces a disruptive way to get more information about their journey on your app. Indeed, with this new approach you will be able to make your tracking strategy extensive and provide more data. …


Improve image loading in Angular, React, or Vue.js apps with 3 lines of code

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When building a web application, we are always looking for the best performance in order not to impact user experience.

Among all the techniques to improve web performance of a website, lazy loading of images allows us to defer image retrieval. Indeed, according to the dimensions, the compression, and the quality of the images, it may impact the size of the bundle downloaded by the user’s device. Therefore, deferring these downloads offers several advantages:

  • Bundle size reduced
  • User experience improved (bundle is ready more quickly)
  • Controlled data consumption (only the visible images are downloaded)

In this article, I will introduce…


What I learned along the way

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In the older ages of front end development, fetching data from Web APIs was a very boring process. Indeed, the data model was frozen, meaning that you faced one of these situations:

  • The data model was too rich for your use case.
  • Some pieces of data were missing.
  • You needed to chain requests to get the expected data structure.

To overcome these situations (and ease front-end developer tasks), GraphQL was created. It provides a new way to fetch data from the back end. …


A checklist for quality code, with Angular/React/Vue.js examples

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If you are part of a front-end team with several talents (including you), hundreds of commit might be pushed every day. Indeed, no matter the team methodology you use to deliver new features, each developer is working on a specific functionality.

In order to validate their changes, a developer should ask for a Merge Request (or Pull Request) to merge these changes into the common branch (the one used for reference). Other front-end developers will make a code review.

A code review is important for four reasons:

  • You can check if the code fulfills the specifications.
  • You are informed about…


It’s not just coding

Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash.

Times have changed since the old days when an IT professional was this typical shy person wearing glasses and fascinated by computers, video games, and so on.

Computer science has become wider with much more complexity and several sub-domains: network infrastructure, web development, data science, IoT, etc.

Working as a team has also shifted and new methods have risen to the forefront: V cycle, Agile methods, or the good old continuous delivery. …

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