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When building a web application, we are always looking for the best performance in order not to impact user experience.

Among all the techniques to improve web performance of a website, lazy loading of images allows us to defer image retrieval. Indeed, according to the dimensions, the compression, and the…


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If you are part of a front-end team with several talents (including you), hundreds of commit might be pushed every day. Indeed, no matter the team methodology you use to deliver new features, each developer is working on a specific functionality.

In order to validate their changes, a developer should…


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Times have changed since the old days when an IT professional was this typical shy person wearing glasses and fascinated by computers, video games, and so on.

Computer science has become wider with much more complexity and several sub-domains: network infrastructure, web development, data science, IoT, etc.

Working as a…

Adrien Miquel

Web Engineer stacking and sharing his experiences

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